Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The New Year starts....

With a look at what some made for Christmas...

Good morning!  It's January and it's a new year!   

This is a picture of a roll up pillowcase that someone who 'has not not sewn in years' made.  She came in an made 3 or 4 pillowcases for friends and family for the Christmas Season.  She would pick out the fabric (based on the personality of the person receiving the pillowcase) in one visit and then set a time to come back to Mrs P's to sew. In the end, the person had a lovely gift but ... she enjoyed herself even more, making something again!  

Starting with something simple, she now wants to 'move on' to something a bit more 'challenging'!  I'm sure those on her gift list can expect more hand made items for this years Christmas. 

Another person was in over the Christmas season and although she didn't make anything, in store to show you,  she wants to 'make' everything for next years Christmas presents.  This is inspiring to a shop owner, as Mrs P's can look for new fabric to excite and inspire those people who ' haven't sewn in awhile' or even those that want to try new things.  

Mrs P's has a lot of projects started and not many completed.  That's part of the challenge we face.  We always want to try new things and then there's something else that looks really interesting and challenging.  Keeping focused on one project is a tough job for Mrs P. 

Mrs P's is open today after a end of year break.  Keep watch on the door for any changes to the hours as I am tied up elsewhere for the next few days.  I'll also try to keep you posted to any changes here in the blog as well.  Not quite the start to the year, I was expecting,  but I'm sure my 'helper' will do just fine!  

Have a great day!


  1. Oh! I wish I lived on the other side of the Province. Take care!

  2. Hmmm...a key to the building...boss busy...a fabricolic in a candy shop.. Yeah, I think your helper will do just fine! :)