Thursday, 30 January 2014

Making a Difference....

                    A Mother's Group located in Harare, Zimbabwe creates bold embroidered squares....

These squares are approximately 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches.  There are lots of ways to use them- from actual quilt squares to framing them, they add a bold pop of colour to any project and room. 

The squares show Africian wildlife and life.  Mrs P's has put them out on RJR Handspray, black, to make their colours 'jump'.  Some squares may be up to 8x8 inches.

They are packaged in a protective plastic and the above mentioned sizes are available at Mrs P's for 10$ each, with all the money going to Barsiranai Mother's Group.

The Batsiranai Mother's Group all have one, or more, special needs children. In their local culture, these children & their families are usually shunned.  This leads to severe poverty and even social isolation.  The Batsiranai sell their embroidery worldwide and they are making a huge difference in their families well being. 

For more on this group, info may be found at: 

What does Batsiranai mean? - helping each other in their local language.  

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  1. Gorgeous!!! Tell my Mommy I want a pack :)
    Ms. Montreal