Friday, 28 November 2014

Having Fun!...

Meet a charm pack of Winterlude (3 Sisters) by Moda...

What to make that is simple, yet fun with them?....I know!  Let's make flags/pennants for the Christmas tree.

The pennant is easy.  Take a square, fold diagonally and sew up one side.  Here the 'chain' is in progress.  Once you get them sewn together....

Cut them apart and turn them right side out- getting a nice point.  The seam goes to the middle of the back of the pennant.

Then you press them.  To help centre the back seam, press the point sticking up on top - to the seam on the back and it will help give a regular shape to all the flags.

Next, what to attach them to?  I had this red flat cord on hand.  You could use ribbon, string, cord- whatever is on hand or easy to procure.  

The cord is laid on top of the flag, then...

The extra part of the flag on the top is tucked under the seam.  Then...

The flag is flipped over and now it's time to stitch the top of the flag down.  I stitched along the cord when there was no pennant. 

Looking at the back, there is now only a small area on each side that has exposed raw edges.

They ended up being added on in about 1 inch increments.  That wasn't planned- it just looked right.  All together the pennants are a little over 5 metres/yards long and about 8 or 9 flags per yard/metre.  
The ends of the cord have a simple knot tied in them.

Aren't they festive!  They are just fun.  Alas, they were still too big for the Christmas tree, but they look great here!   

Back to the drawing board or ironing board!...

2.5 inch squares! Or Moda Candy or a mini charm pack.  This one is The Boathouse (Sweetwater) by Moda.  Currently in stock, Christmas Countdown, Paisley Park, Patchwork Garden, Crazy for Red, The Lake House and The Boathouse.  All are by Moda and assorted fabric designers.  Mrs P's sells these mini charms for $5.95 each or 2 for $10.00. Please email if you need more info on what's available in stock.  There are too many 5" packs to name here. 

All neatly pressed...same method as above...but what to attach these to?  All the cord and small ribbon I had, seemed wrong...

Nothing, was decided upon!  The back corner is tucked in (as though going over the cord) and then the other part is rolled over, same as if there was a cord there, and stitched.  This time there is no cord, the flags are chain pieced and held together with the thread!  It was easier to sew these with their backs up. 

So, the tree is purple, but the size is right!  The thread also allows the flags to hang easier in the tree.
As an important note, if using cloth near a tree with lights, please use the cool to touch LED lights, not the bulbs in my pic, they will get hot and could pose a fire risk as cotton is a fibre, that can and will burn.

About 6 or7 empty stitches were 'sewed' between the pennants.   The end product is around 2.5 yards/metres long and about 6 flags in 12 inches.  

These were fun projects to sew!  When I get the mini one positioned better, I'll post a better pic of it.   The 'end product' could also be called, bunting or garland!

Remember, if you don't have access to charm packs, you may cut 5 inch squares ( or any size you would like)  from fat quarters or other yardage of your favorite prints.  One 5 inch width of fabric would yield 8 five inch squares...

Have fun! 


  1. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and the completed project.

  2. These are great, and what a terrific idea to link the smaller ones with chain stitching for the tree. Brilliant!