Friday, 29 January 2016

Moda Sale continues until Tues!...

The Moda Sale is/was a bit disrupted by Mother Nature having a snow storm hit Nova Scotia today.   This is not all bad news!  Mrs P's will hold the Moda Sale of 10$/m  (some conditions apply) on Tuesday as well!  

Saturdays' opening time will be dependant on when I get myself dug out and then also the walk shovelled at Mrs P's.  Open hours are scheduled for 10 am to 1pm - so if its blowing and lots of snow to shift, we may not get in.  We will keep you posted!  

No matter which way Sat goes- we will continue the Moda Sale on Tuesday!  

On a somewhat related note, we are currently unable to accept interact/debit cards, until next week but are still able to process Visa/Mastercard and 

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