Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Open but still disrupted! .....

Yes, Mrs P's is open this Saturday from 10AM to 1PM !  
( 10Am to 4PM on Thurs & Fri ) 

It's also Amherst's 1st Biker Bash. I'm not sure what this will mean for Mrs P's, except I received word at 11am this morning, that the street in front of my business will be closed from this Friday at 8am until Sunday at 5pm.  

This may affect your traffic pattern through town and unfortunately, parking. There are no simple solutions to this. Please bring your patience and a sense of humour when you come this weekend.

Repairs on the building are still ongoing and progressing well even with a bit of wet weather.  The shop is not back to 'normal', things are moved to make it easier for the repairs.  

On the good news front, there's should be lots of bikes to look at and you may get inspired to create a quilt that is a bit out of your comfort zone! There are bikes with crisp angles or round curves.  Some will have polish, some will be original and vintage.  Look at the lines and how how the wheels are smooth.  See the difference in the handlebars and how many wheels can be on bike.  See the colours, look at the seats.   Just have a look around and then when you decide to make another quilt, let those images flow and see if you don't have either a different colour palette than you normally use or one piece of fabric that reminds you of the sights and sounds of the day.  

Just because you are looking at morotorcyles does not mean you need motorcycles in your quilt.  It could be quilting circles that remind you of wheels or spokes radiating out.  It could be using a geometric pattern in your quilt block instead of a flower print.  It's your experience and perception of the event that translates out into your quilting. 

Have a great weekend no matter what you decide to do! 


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