Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A First Finish of 2015!....

But it wasn't started this year! 

As most know, I like new projects and am not very good at finishing the whole project.  I learn a new set of skills and that opens doors to trying the next thing and off I go with another idea.  

A long time ago, the magazine clipping I have, says Oct 2000... So even if I saw it in 2001- that's still a long time ago...13 to 14 years!  I sewed but quilting is also one of those magical things that goes on a wish list, for when I have more time, I'll learn to quilt. 

As I cleaned the shop up for the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival  2014, I ran across the paper and a small stash of fabric bought that day I saw it at dayle's many moons ago.  The person with me was totally intrigued wit the quilt- I couldn't believe it would hold together, because I had never seen a rag quilt before.  A rag quilt has the seams sewn on the outside so there's texture.  Strings come out of it when it's washed and it only gets softer with age.  They look so cosy.  

That person I was with, will be turning 50 in Feb,  so I challenged myself over the month of Dec to get it made as a birthday present!  I played with the fabric choices available here at Mrs P's, the re- found stash, scraps left by someone when their rag quilt was done and after some planning, I have the finished project! ...

Ta-Da! A Tattered Pioneer Rag Quilt

It's on display here at Mrs P's until the end of January.  There is not a straight stitch in it.  No two patches are alike and I have enough thread off it to make a bird nest but it's beautiful.  It's soft, sewn with bright yellow variegated thread ( Juicy Fruit- Tutti thread by Wonderfil) and a bias binding.  I made boo-boos and if anyone ever asks, if you have to clip it before washing?, the answer is always yes!  

Those middle squares could just as easily be hearts or any shape.  I stayed square- sort of.  Every once in a square, I'd turn it to a diamond look or I'd cut the square on a bias to give oddball stripes on the fabric, especially if there was only scraps left.  I also think it would be fabulous with old shirts added in as well.  

Enjoy your day, and maybe, just maybe, check out an old project that you might be re- inspired to finish!


  1. I saw this in person yesterday and it is wonderful. I just know that it's new home will live it. It may even be involved in a fight as to who will use it and when. LOL

  2. That's a beauty for sure. I am so proud of you! :)

  3. Love it!!!! Look forward to seeing it tomorrow.