Friday, 6 December 2013

Just a little special...

Sometimes, something special arrives. Today, there are two things to let you know about.  

The fabric, this ribbon is attached to- is there as a reminder, like a string around your finger.  The fabric- is GLOW Fairy Frost, designed by Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller Fabrics. Yes, it GLOWS in the dark!  It is hard to tell from regular white fabric at a distance and close up too!  I needed to mark it, so if you picked up a fat quarter- I'd be able to let you know your quilt will gently glow in the dark.  That may not have been the effect you were looking for!  Alternatively, could be a really neat 'wow factor' in a traditional block used to form a secondary pattern that only shows up for night owls.  

I will first venture with it in a pillowcase band and see how much that scares me at night!  

These are samples of 'roll up' pillowcases, Mrs P's has made using in stock fabrics.  I have had a couple of people who are buying the material for them but the majority are people that haven't sewn in a long time.  They are using the machine here to produce presents and surprises for special people in their lives.  There is a great joy in making something ourselves and having it turn out.  

I have a couple of pillowcases cut out, ready to go- wrapped with a tuft of ribbon- if that colour way appeals to people, but most are picking their own fabric based on something that reminds them of the person.
My ribbon has arrived- as you've see in the picture. I'm not sure how to use it, I have some packaging ideas like the pillowcase fabrics tied together and others. The next couple of weeks will be learning how to manipulate it fast and with consistent results.  So far, it takes a long time to tie a bow with the print coming out 'just right'.   Brownies was along time ago for me!  

And just a reminder, that Mrs P's will be closed for Christmas and New Years.  The last day of regularly scheduled hours will be Sat, Dec 21st, 2013- closing at 3pm.   Regular hours will resume the 1st full week of January 2014.  Jan 8th is the 1st scheduled day back opening at 10 am.

This does not mean I am not around. Mrs P's remains open by appointment or chance during this time.  

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