Thursday, 10 October 2013

Still experimenting, but...

 Retro and luxurious....

Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc. is proud to carry Hoffman fabrics.  The above one is from the Florence line.  

Others in the line include...

Seeing these fabrics does invoke memories of Florence, Italy.  The warmth of the sun and surrounding fields of sunflowers and vineyards.; of staring in awe at  Giotto's 'perfectly straight' bell tower, (referring to how everyone takes pictures of the leaning tower of Pisa because it leans) and all the different colours of marble in the Florence Cathedral exterior. 

No visit to Florence would be complete without visiting the Uffizi Gallery.  Outside, artists were selling their paintings of the masters in the street.  Inside you can see the original paintings by the masters and bathed in natural light, was Michelangelo's, David.

Florence, is a lovely city and this is a lovely line of fabric. 


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  1. Ah, the peripatetic Mrs. Pugsley! I have just completed a quilt using your Florence line and I have to say, it's the most beautiful fabric I have ever sewn...and I've sewn lots. The colours are so rich and warm. You've photographed the fabric on a machine made in Italy - how appropriate!